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[HPR] Where I Live: Hawai‘i’s Kauhale Homeless Initiative

Noe Tanigawa of Hawai'i Public Radio [HPR] talks to Ka Po'e O Kaka'ako leader John Kaulupali and Lt. Governor Josh Green on what could be more productive ways to move forward to help Hawai'i's houseless problem.

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"Green is looking at unused government land, with Hawai‘i’s emergency proclamation speeding expected $2-$4 million dollar infrastructure upgrades.

"If you get the land, you can move within 4-6 months.  We are already working with a private entity called Home Aid which will bring a lot of extra resources.  They’re a large amalgamation of all of the developers who are quite generous, Castle and Cooke and other developers, they want to give back. I just got out of a major meeting with state leaders, City and County leaders, Attorney General, deputies, all to get on the same page, and each to their own."" -Lt. Lt. Governor Josh Green "We’re hoping for a piece of land, a small parcel, where we can start building a community and building relationships with that community." -John Kaulupali


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